XXX Olympic Games – Update

Initially we would like to congratulate Michael Phelps for another Olympic medal that he won!

Afterwards, we would like to play the game who ever finds the keys he/she will won marshmallows! It is like the family games that we use to play when we were 5 years old and our parents were hiding an object (like the keys) and we were trying to find them and our parents were giving us an ice cream or cookies or marshmallows for reward!

Only this time, the genius Englishmen, who know everything, lost the keys (laser keys which cost almost $80,000) of the Wembley’s  Stadium. Do you think they might be playing the game  hide and go seek with their selves? Is there are any price?

Are they so slow? Oops, i forgot they know everything that is why they judge everybody!

Syria crisis

What is going on with Syria? Why they are letting the Civil war to go on and on without nobody essentially interrupting? Can they see that so many innocent people are dying every single minute or suffering from the deadly face and smell of the war?

Too many opinions are flying around the hot atmosphere of this warm summer of the year. Like the overload stock of the guns, like the prove of  the incapability of the Vodka inventors ( ie the one and only army  base around this area) to control the situation, like the games in the stock market with the oil and the gold,…like…

So where is the true lying? For sure somewhere in the coffins of those innocent people who are loosing the present of the God, life!

It is a same that we don not bet “life” in the stock markets! Maybe people would have more chances to lιve.


Don’t judge because you are going be judged

How much pathetic can it be to judge with austerity the others without even having the experience on the specific subject that you are judging on.

I am talking about the English who were judging with great austerity and making ironic comments for all the previous countries who organized the Olympic games about the security measures and the success of the organizing and the marketing and about million things that only the English (probably) were good on them. Obviously it has been proven how wrong they were, for one more time, in the world’s history and in today’s reality.

No good security at all (and if you think about the terrorism problem that they have had as a country that makes them to feel more humiliated on the worlds public opinion) since everybody could go for an evening parade in the stadium.

And what about the empty stadiums? What have they done with the tickets? People are searching for tickets to watch the games but where are the tickets? Another great mistake from the Worlds genius people!!!

Kings, Queens, Lords and Sirs of the England don’t judge cause you are going be judged. Nobody is Perfect!

USA team – XXX Olympic games

Until now the USA Olympic team has won 17 medals and is on the 2nd place. We support our team and we wish finally we will get the 1st place.

Also we would like to say a great thank you to Michael Phelps for overall offer to USA (and since we are from Baltimore, Maryland we are twice proud for him) and we wish him to gain more Gold medals. At the end of the day, he is one of the best athletes in the worlds history of the Olympic games!!

Lost meanings of a Gentleman!

Though, the big issue is what makes a man a gentleman.

To be able to get in a strip club and to “play” the gentleman or to behave as a gentleman?

For sure the money doesn’t make you a gentleman. The principles and the values are those that really makes you a real gentleman. Words and meanings lost somewhere in the highway of the everyday stressful and demanding life.


Regarding the “Gentlemen’s Clubs & Strip Clubs”

A gentlemen’s club is a members-only private club of a type originally set up by and for British upper class men in the 18th century, and popularised by English upper-middle class men and women in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Today, some are more open about the gender and social status of members.

In the United States, a great variety of gentlemen’s clubs were formed, in the same manner as the UK. In the 1990s the term gentlemen’s club began to be used as a promotional euphemism for strip clubs.


XXX Olympic Games

Our best wishes for the XXX Olympic games in London! For those that they don’t know the first official Olympic games was in 1896 in Athens.

Furthermore the reason of those games it was to cease fire during the period of the games and to try to gain the peace between the “countries”.

To be more specific, the beginning was made more than 2500 years ago, in Greece, when Greece was divided into town-countries

(or you could say individual states).

So, as we could say in our days, with a lack of poetry and almost zero philosophic point of view : make love not war!