Guns in America

Guns in America! The internal fight between moneymakers, lawmakers and our conscience. Do we need them?
Just give your answer to your kids! For sure, opinions are going to vary. Almost 6.5 Billion people on earth results to 6.5 billion different minds and more or less 6.5 billion different voices. Almost 400 million people in USA are watching the news every day and they pray not to see another tragedy like Newtown, Connecticut, in which an armed gunman killed 26 innocent people at an Elementary School out of 20 were children almost 6 years old.

So just relax and think about it! At 2013, we cannot do anything else except to pray, to not listen that somebody, insane or not, took a machine gun or a handgun or any kind of gun and invade in a public place and kill …..innocent people!!! That’s great!! That’s really fantastic!!That is happening only in a real war! What is going on here? Are we fighting our own society? or those are the fundamentals of our society?

And now all the “higher class people” they are gathering together to talk about what? The permits and allowances of the guns!! And a few million people from NRA are “threatening” our great politicians that they won’t vote them if they disallowed the use of the machine guns? ARE WE SERIOUS? Yes ladies and gentlemen – we are serious.

In peace the sons bury their fathers, but in war the fathers bury their sons. Herodotus


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