Baltimore Ravens – AFC champions 2013

What else can we say except that we are gratefully appreciate for the title, the happiness and the beautiful time that Baltimore Ravens have given to us, till now. And we say till now because still we have one more game. The last one for the Super Bowl. But we have to express our feelings and to say thank you for everything. And also to remind to our audience that some time ago when Ravens were loosing some games we said that whatever it happens always we our going to be loyal supporters of Baltimore Ravens and we will be close to our team and during the good and during the bad times!



Don’t judge because you are going be judged

How much pathetic can it be to judge with austerity the others without even having the experience on the specific subject that you are judging on.

I am talking about the English who were judging with great austerity and making ironic comments for all the previous countries who organized the Olympic games about the security measures and the success of the organizing and the marketing and about million things that only the English (probably) were good on them. Obviously it has been proven how wrong they were, for one more time, in the world’s history and in today’s reality.

No good security at all (and if you think about the terrorism problem that they have had as a country that makes them to feel more humiliated on the worlds public opinion) since everybody could go for an evening parade in the stadium.

And what about the empty stadiums? What have they done with the tickets? People are searching for tickets to watch the games but where are the tickets? Another great mistake from the Worlds genius people!!!

Kings, Queens, Lords and Sirs of the England don’t judge cause you are going be judged. Nobody is Perfect!

USA team – XXX Olympic games

Until now the USA Olympic team has won 17 medals and is on the 2nd place. We support our team and we wish finally we will get the 1st place.

Also we would like to say a great thank you to Michael Phelps for overall offer to USA (and since we are from Baltimore, Maryland we are twice proud for him) and we wish him to gain more Gold medals. At the end of the day, he is one of the best athletes in the worlds history of the Olympic games!!